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VIPCA was founded in Venezuela in 2006 by a group of agile and resilient engineers with multiple specialties and knowhows, who have delivered an ample diversity of services to our customers, ranging from Rig Management and Drilling Engineering to Integrated Operations and Oilfield Management.

With over 16 years of experience, VIPCA has been involved in big Integrated Projects with PDVSA, MAERSK and TESCO. Our people has drilled 247 oil and gas wells of different kinds (shallow, deep, HPHT, horizontal, deviated, exploratory, etc.) and managed complex oilfield operations with more than 600 wells in some cases.

Our experience as Integrators, has allowed us to deal with multidisciplinary teams from both our customers and oilfield service suppliers. We work together as one and build long-term partnerships for ensuring the business goals are exceeded by delivering high quality products and profitable financial results.

Last but not least, VIPCA has managed Safety as a crucial element for an exceptional  operation. Our projects have a remarkable performance in this important area. No accidents have occurred in thousands of hours. Our philosophy is simple: We can save a life by adhering to safety principles and reporting everything even if insignificant!

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We are very proud of all our business and personal achievements in this journey from our beloved Venezuela to our new home in USA

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We are located in Houston, Texas

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